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At ZoneOffer, we continuously make videos to tell about our message in a fun and exciting way. So far, we have made 5 videos, all of which are on our YouTube channel, which you can see here .

Three of them that explain the most about how ZoneOffer is used can be seen below.

ZoneOffer – how to find a good offer

Below we have made a small film showing how to easily find a good offer using ZoneOffer.


ZoneOffer – marabou in Rema1000

Philip went on a bargain hunt in Rema1000 and found – with the help of the ZoneOffer app – offers which could neither be found in Rema1000’s offer newspaper nor on the signs in the Rema1000 store.


ZoneOffer – follow-up to the Marabou offer

After the film with the Marabou offer, we received a number of inquiries about whether it could be true that ZoneOffer showed offers from Rema1000 that Rema1000 did not even show in their offer magazine or in the store. Therefore, Henrik set out to follow up and document Philips’ claims.

And yes, it is good enough. ZoneOffer HAS more Rema1000 offers in the app than Rema1000 itself. See the documentation in the video below.


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