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Stop Food Waste

Wasting food is not only harmful to the environment, but also to your wallet. With ZoneOffer you can now get good deals on food that is about to expire, so you can save money and at the same time help the environment by stopping food waste.

Tons of food is wasted every day

Tons of food is wasted every day, and at ZoneOffer we believe that this is a big problem that we would like to help solve. That is why we have now optimized our app so that you have direct access to – and an overview of – food waste offers from, among other things. your local Netto and Føtex stores. In this way, it becomes easier to help stop food waste.

Daily more than 20,000 food waste offers

Together, the Salling group (Bilka, Føtex and Netto) offers daily more than 20,000 food waste offers, where the expiry date is imminent. The offers can be anything from butter, cheese, cold meats or something completely different. What the offers have in common is that you save 50-90% of the normal price.

Stop food waste – this is how it works

Every single day, Netto, Føtex and Bilka’s hard-working employees find and register goods that are about to expire. They then give the item a special food waste price and register it electronically. When this has happened, the Salling Group sends the data to ZoneOffer so that the food waste offers can be presented in the ZoneOffer app.

Recipes from Netto

Every Thursday, Netto talks about some of the foods that go to waste the most, as well as what you can do to reduce this. Many of us struggle to figure out how to cook with plenty of healthy vegetables, so these often go to waste. Via this link you can be inspired and find recipes on the go.

A responsible way of living

Basically, ZoneOffer is an app that helps you buy discounted products that are about to expire. It’s a responsible way to live because it helps minimize waste while saving money. At the same time, there is always a good opportunity to get hold of some items that are still delicious.

We want to help you

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to buy great products at a great price, without having to worry. Our goal is therefore to contribute to creating a sustainable world by e.g. to reduce food waste as much as possible. Our focus is, in extension, to make Denmark’s best food waste offers available in our app in the smartest and tastiest way.

Transparency among the offers

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the freshest, cheapest and best quality products – even as they approach their expiry date! That’s why our app gives you a clear overview of all information about an item’s expiry date so there are no surprises when you shop in the store or come home with your groceries.

With ZoneOffer you can always save time and money

If you have a day when you don’t find anything exciting on the shelves, don’t worry. With ZoneOffer you can find any product in most stores in Denmark. Use the app to both find the best food waste offers before they expire, as well as the best offers for what else you are in need of. Also try our online food waste shop Motatos and have food waste products delivered right to your door.

Optimize your purchases with the ZoneOffer app

ZoneOffer is always up-to-date, and therefore we can help you save money on e.g. food by finding the best deals on food waste at your local Netto and Føtex. It is updated with the latest offers, so you don’t have to spend hours sorting through the products.

We keep you informed so you can save money

In the app, you always have an overview of when there is a new offer available in your local store, or when there is an update on your local Netto’s food waste offer. That way, you never miss an opportunity to save money or help the environment. With the app, you are also always up to date on opening times and current events.

Save the food

Wasting food is not only harmful to the environment, but also to your wallet. With ZoneOffer, you get an overview of the very best offers on food that are about to expire every single day. In this way, you save a lot of money while helping the environment. If you don’t have time to shop physically, there is still the option of shopping for food waste. You do this by e.g. through Motatos , which has hundreds of delicious food waste offers every day.

Questions and answers about stop food waste

What is stop food waste?

Stop food waste is about making an extra effort not to throw food away. This is important both in order to save money, but also so that we do not have a greater over-consumption than necessary.

What can you do yourself to stop food waste?

There are many things you can do to stop food waste, and one of the biggest things is constantly planning what food to eat when. There are many other ways to optimize this, and we have written an in-depth article about this here .

Where can you get surplus food?

A large number of shops have started to donate their surplus food to organizations that help pass the food on. If you want to find a place in your local area where you can receive surplus food, you can consider using .

Who started Stop Food Waste?

The stop food waste organization was started way back in 2008 by Selina Juul. The organization has a large number of partners and lots of good advice on how each individual can help stop food waste. You can read much more about the organization here .

What is the problem with food waste?

The fundamental problem with food waste is that we use too many resources to produce food which is then simply thrown away. The UN estimates that, worldwide, approx. 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away. It is therefore important to focus on stopping food waste.

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