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Netto offer newspaper - more than 100 offers every week

Netto Offers

Every week, Netto publishes more than 100 offers within all possible categories of goods. Not surprisingly, most of these offers are found in their specials magazine. What is a little more surprising, however, is that the best offers are often not on the front page, but slightly inside the newspaper.

Net offer newspaper

Net offers are usually valid from Saturdays (the only exceptions are around holidays), but with ZoneOffer you can get a head start on the offer hunt because we already publish the offers from Fridays. That way, you have more time to plan your shopping for the week. Download our app for Android here and for iOS here . Then you are always up to date with both Netto offers, but also many other good stores. You can read more about this in this article here .

Where can I find the Netto offer newspaper?

You can find the Netto offer leaflet (and also the offer leaflets from the other large chains) on this page. The offers in the newspaper from Netto are valid most of the time from Saturday, but we have the newspaper ready for you by Friday at the latest. Click here to find the current special offers from Netto.

What offers are available this week in Netto?

At ZoneOffer you can find both the offer magazine in PDF format and the individual offers with expiry dates. We provide you with an overview of the week’s Netto offer easily and clearly on this page. If you click here – offers available this week in Netto – you can see all the specific offers and their expiry date. That way, you are always up-to-date with the current offers from Netto.

Where can I find next week’s Netto offer sheet?

It can be a good idea to plan your purchases already early in the week. Netto’s special offer newspaper is valid from Saturday, but it is often available a few days before. At ZoneOffer you can always see the latest Netto offer newspaper a few days before the offers start. If you want an overview of all Netto’s current and upcoming special offers, click here – next week’s Netto special offers .

Net offer and spot

Netto has become known for its many offers, and is considered by most Danes to be the cheapest business. Among other things. they have become known for their spot goods offer, where they deliver a limited batch of some specific goods every week at a good price.

Food waste offer

As something relatively new, Netto has started to focus a lot on food waste – and by extension food waste offers. Every single day, there are 3,000 – 5,000 food waste offers available in total in Netto’s many stores. With the ZoneOffer app, you can also be 100% up-to-date on all these good offers. All Netto’s food waste offers are streamed directly into the ZoneOffer app. You can read more about how it works in this article .

How many stores does Netto have?

Netto has more than 500 stores, making it Denmark’s largest discount store. In addition, Netto has more than 300 stores in Germany and Poland, and the number of Netto stores is thus well over 1,000 stores.

Can I buy online at Netto?

As one of the relatively few grocery chains, Netto does not have a webshop. It is unclear whether this will be changed at some point, but for now Netto has chosen to stick to physical stores. The background for this is probably that Netto generally has some of the best-placed stores in Denmark and, in addition, that the Salling Group has chosen to focus their online trading through Bilka and – mainly – Føtex.

Founded in the 80s

The first Netto opened on Godthåbsvej in 1981. The idea with Netto was then as now, that it should be easily accessible convenience stores where people can quickly get what they need. Today, however, there has also been a continuous greater and greater focus on responsibility by running a sustainable business.

Sustainability at Netto

Netto’s focus on sustainability is, among other things, manifested in the new “Green Netto” which saw the light of day in 2020. In this store, 40% lower energy consumption is used and 65% less CO2 is emitted than in a normal store. In addition, the store is built using recyclable materials – i.a. tree.

Organic bananas

Another example of Netto’s sustainability was expressed in 2020, when Netto – together with Bilka and Føtex – chose to sell only organic bananas from now on. The background for this choice was, among other things, that the pesticide Chlorpyrifos is used on traditional banana plantations. This spray is suspected of harming the development of fetuses and children, which is why you can no longer buy non-organic bananas in Netto, Bilka and Føtex.

Netto is owned by Salling Group

Netto is today exclusively owned by the Salling Group, which also owns Føtex, Bilka and BR. Salling Group is – not least because of Netto – Denmark’s most profitable grocery chain.


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