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Hand hygiene – here’s your guide!

Hand hygiene when you shop in the shops

From Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 10:00 there are new rules when you have to shop in grocery stores. Here we give you a short guide on what you should pay attention to in relation to your hand hygiene.

This is how you achieve good hand hygiene

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to behave in the shops. It is important to be as aware as possible.

1) Keep your distance

Keep a safe distance from others. Both staff and other customers. Markings have already been set up in the largest grocery chains. Follow them!

2) Short-term contact

It is important that you spend as little time as possible in the store. It is also important that you do not have prolonged contact with either the cashier or other traders. This also applies when you have to pay. Place the items on the belt, then step back so you are not too close to the cashier.

3) Go shopping alone

We all know the feeling. It’s nice to be out shopping with the family. Don’t do it at the moment! Go out and shop alone and leave children, husband, wife – and not least grandparents! – stay home.

4) Stop using cash

In Denmark, we have options for contactless payment – use them! Dankort or Mobilepay can be used in all grocery stores, so there is no excuse for fumbling with cash. There may be viruses on the money, so no need to use it. Use contactless card as much as possible. If you need to enter a PIN make sure to wash or sanitize your hands afterwards. This is how you achieve good hand hygiene.

5) Don’t touch your face

We all know the feeling. Something itches and you itch again. Do not do this if you want to maintain good hand hygiene. The coronavirus enters through the eyes, nose and mouth, which is why you don’t risk bringing the virus directly to your face.

6) Have hand sanitizer on you

Make sure you have hand sanitizer on you (in your bag, car or pocket) and wipe it off often. To maintain good hand hygiene, you should use alcohol after you have been in contact with surfaces where others have also been in contact

7) Cough and sneeze into your sleeve

Holding your hand over your mouth when you sneeze or cough is by now very outdated advice. It completely destroys hand hygiene if you cough the virus onto your hand. Make sure to cough into your sleeve instead.

8) Only use gloves when necessary

Many shops have now started to set up gloves for customers to use. If you use them during the entire shopping trip, you basically achieve good hand hygiene, but you risk spreading the infection around the store. Use them when you touch goods with “open” packaging. Then take them off and throw them away.

9) Go shopping when there are few people in the store

If possible, go out and shop at times when there are not many other people in the store. In this way, you completely avoid ruining your hand hygiene and you help to keep other people safe. Go shopping online if possible.

10) If you are sick, stay indoors

If you feel sick – no matter if it’s with the Coronavirus or not, stay at home. Get others to do your inlets. The coronavirus spreads quickly, so if you have it, you end up infecting an incredible number of people if you go shopping. Even if your own hand hygiene is top notch.

There is no need for a panicky mood

Remember that all the big food chains have guaranteed that there are enough goods for everyone. So take it easy and don’t buy in for several months at a time. There must be enough goods for everyone.

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