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Black Friday Countdown !

Black Friday Countdown !

Black Friday is approaching, and historically the good Black Friday offers already start to appear approx. a week before it all culminates on Black Friday itself, which this year is Friday 25 November.

Our price robot scans the market

To make it really easy for you to get an overview of the best offers, our price robot scans the market around the clock to find the very best offers for you.

It can therefore be an advantage already now to like the stores you would like to receive offers from. Then we make sure that you are automatically updated with the store’s best offers directly in the app.

What rules apply to the “normal” price?

Consumer ombudsman Christina Toftegaard Nielsen was out earlier this year to tighten up the area of normal prices. This has meant that a product must now have the same price for 30 days before the price can be called a normal price and compared with a possible offer price

What rules apply to the “offer” price?

In continuation of the above-mentioned regulation, the rules regarding the offer price were also changed. It now applies that an item may only be called an offer for 10 days, whereas before it could be up to 14 days for an item to be called an offer.

Christmas offer in December?

At the same time as the rules around “normal price” and “offer price”, Christina Toftegaard Nielsen introduced the rule that if an item is to be put on Christmas offer in December, the price that is compared MUST be the price that the item cost on Black Friday.

This rule has been introduced so that you cannot cheat by raising the price after Black Friday – and then lowering it again for Christmas.

Beware of “fake” offers

As a consumer, you must be aware that thousands of items may be “artificially” increased before Black Friday. This year there are measurements that show that on up to 25% of the products on offer on Black Friday, the price has been raised in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday. It is therefore important to be careful about whether the good Black Friday offer is now actually a real offer

Pay special attention in these categories

There are certain categories of goods where you have to be especially careful not to be cheated. This is, for example, in kitchen equipment, where products such as coffee machines can be artificially set up before Black Friday itself. In the white goods category, one must be especially careful with the offers on dishwashers and washing machines.

In addition, all footwear and toys are also worth examining a second time before you “fall” for a good offer.

Finally, you generally have to be careful in the electronics category, where, especially in relation to offers on tablets and iPads, the price can be cheated.

ZoneOffer helps you

At ZoneOffer, the consumer is our customer, and therefore we do everything we can to help. We therefore show the pre-price as far as possible so that this can be compared with whether it really is a good offer. However, due to the very complicated rules, this is also something that shops can cheat with, and therefore it is important that you as a consumer are always aware.

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You will also find the best Black Friday offers here on the page

On our website you are always up to date with today’s best offers. Click here best offers to see the very best offers right now divided into a number of categories.

Really good shopping desire.

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