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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you use the ZoneOffer app for?

  • ZoneOffer gives you an overview of the best offers whereever you are and pnline
  • You can personalize the type of offers and stores you receive offers about and from
  • You can create shopping, birthday and Christmas wish lists and share them with your friends and family
  • ZoneOffer informs about all types of offers so we can help you, whether it concerns the gift for yourself, the girlfriend, the child or the mother-in-law; or it just applies to everyday shopping
  • That’s why ZoneOffer is your personal shopping agent

Does it cost anything to use ZoneOffer?

No, as a consumer you can use all ZoneOffer’s functionalities completely free of charge.

How often do I receive offers through ZoneOffer?

This depends on where you are, how many types of offers you are looking for and which stores you follow. You can always edit these settings in the app.

How do I make use of the offers?

  • Buy directly at a specific store
  • Add them to your basket or add them to your personal shopping list
  • Pick up and buy them in the store, or get them delivered

Who handles the payment?

The store is always responsible for the payment.

How do I complain about a defective item?

If you need to complain about a purchased good you have to contact the store.

What if the store does not have the specific item?

ZoneOffer has no responsibility that the store has the item or that the stated price is correct.

How do loyalty points work?

It is up to the individual store to decide whether it wants to use a loyalty program, and in that case it has full responsibility for its use. ZoneOffer can never be held responsible for improperly earned or lost loyalty points.

Do you use cookies?

ZoneOffer uses cookies both in the app and on the website. The reason for this is, that in this way we can better personalize your experience when you use our service. No personal information is stored in our cookies.

How to process my personal information?

In order to deliver the best and most relevant offers, we need to register certain personal data.  This is only done, if you have created and logged in with a user.

Do third parties have access to my information?

ZoneOffer only discloses your information in two cases:

  • When you add an item to your basket and subsequently buy it. In this case, the store in question gets access to your information so that it can reserve the item for you
  • If you sign up for a newsletter from one or more stores

What do I do if I want you to delete all my information?

Write us an email at and we will immediately delete all your information.